What’s this all about?

Understanding Cocktails is for those of you who want to know a little bit more about what's going into that $15 drink you ordered last night. Perhaps you'd like to know what all the fussing behind the bar is about or maybe you'd like to be able to say something other than; "it's nice" when someone makes you a drink. Still not sure? Check the about section out for more details.

Cosmopolitan – Drink #4

The Cosmopolitan - closeup

The darling of Hollywood and girls on the town everywhere , The Cosmopolitan features as our fourth drink. Unwittingly, we’ve found ourselves defending this on more than one occasion recently. We hope you take the time read about this classic cocktail in the the full Cosmopolitan feature.

If Candice Bushnell can spare some time, we […]

Major Milestone – What Cocktail? sent to Apple

Oh this is so exciting! After months of fussing and worrying, What Cocktail? the iPhone app that makes drink recommendations for you has been sent to Apple for review. Another fine Flightless production – it looks outstanding, and it works just as I’d hoped it would. Hopefully if all goes well and they will approve […]

The Lemon Drop

Take the first step to cocktail enlightenment with the lemon drop. It’s easy to drink and easy to love. Explore the balance of strong, sour, sweet, and cold and to see how they combine. In fact, it’s so easy to make you can do it yourself – no bartender required….

Follow this link to read […]