What’s this all about?

Understanding Cocktails is for those of you who want to know a little bit more about what's going into that $15 drink you ordered last night. Perhaps you'd like to know what all the fussing behind the bar is about or maybe you'd like to be able to say something other than; "it's nice" when someone makes you a drink. Still not sure? Check the about section out for more details.

The Drinks

There’s literally thousands of cocktails to try. But with some many drinks and so little time what do you choose? The drinks you can find here present just one way of looking at cocktails. A cross section of tasty drinks if you will.

Believe it or not, there is actually a method to all this. It’s not a top ten. Rather it’s a way of looking at drinks. They are ordered, roughly by taste complexity. Each one builds on the last and hopefully the understanding of one can lead to a greater appreciation of another. Having said all that, it’s perfectly fine to find a drink you don’t like. It’s okay. We all have different tastes and cocktails accompany certain moods. The purpose of all this to give you scope to explore and find out what kind of cocktail person you are.

The drinks, in order of complexity are:

The Lemon Drop


The Daiquiri

The Mojito

The Mojito!

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