What’s this all about?

Understanding Cocktails is for those of you who want to know a little bit more about what's going into that $15 drink you ordered last night. Perhaps you'd like to know what all the fussing behind the bar is about or maybe you'd like to be able to say something other than; "it's nice" when someone makes you a drink. Still not sure? Check the about section out for more details.

A Lemon Drop Story

“Ya know what I mean.” said Jamie, to no one in particular as he looked at the non existent camera. It’s got to be a simple little drink to get the party going before the lads and ladies head out to the dress up ball. As always the case, they were all going to meet up Jamie’s for snack and drink before hand.

“So I’ve got some killer vodka yah? And some lemons…” With a smirk and smile Jamie was off. A little bit sugar will do the drink, not too much mind you. Ice. Good thing it the local store sells it by the bag.

Friends arrive and before long it’s mixing time. All dressed up and a toast – but the glassware with beads of perspiration form the well cold beverage.

A drink best drunk while it’s icy cold. No mucking around because it quickly looses it’s charm. And like that, the group are off into the night to be merry, look gorgeous, and celebrate.